Tonneau Cover Replacement Parts (June 2022)

Tonneau Cover Replacement Parts

Do you have a truck bed cover that you are still using but is missing some tonneau cover replacement parts. Or perhaps you have tried modifying these parts with cable ties, clamps, and hooks which do not work properly?

I can resonate with that situation as I also faced that same problem a couple of years ago. I was hunting high and low for a replacement part but could not find them anywhere for the truck model that I have and the color that I wanted.

Eventually, I just used them as it is with some modifications (which worked only temporarily). And after a couple of months, I just threw them away as I felt that it was not safe to use them anymore.

Frequently when we found a store selling them, the replacement parts are not for our truck models and could not fit, and then we are back to square one again. Throwing the tonneau cover away is not an option as it is still in very good condition. And all there is missing is one or two parts to hold them together as new.

Well, you have a few choices. You can hunt for these tonneau cover replacement parts in auto shops near you or an online retail store for your parts. But you need to be very careful if you do buy them online.

My top 3 tips for buying tonneau cover replacement parts online

1) Compare prices with all the marketplaces such as online auto shops, eBay, Amazon and others.

2) When you find something that is suitable for your truck, ask questions. Frequently, owners will just jump at the first choice that they have and buy them without reading the description of the product they are buying.

They may end up buying the wrong color, wrong size, wrong models and many other reasons. So ask as many questions as possible with the seller and make sure that what they are selling is indeed what you want.

3) Make sure that you have some kind of warranty with these tonneau cover parts. This is to safeguard buying something that works for 2 days and then stop working and you cannot return them to the seller at all. And you will end up with a faulty product and money out of your pocket. Amazon does have a very good return policy so it is pretty safe to buy from them.

What To Do After Buying Tonneau Replacement Parts

After getting your replacement part, check them out for defects, wear and tear and other problems before starting to use them. Ensure that they fit your truck properly and that it is made of high-quality materials.

If for any reason you think the product is defective, do not hesitate and contact the seller for returns immediately.

If they fit properly and the quality is good, you know you are getting your money’s worth and that you can use them safely. Safety is of the utmost importance when comes to replacement tonneau cover parts as you will be using them daily and also under harsh weather environments.

Where To Buy Replacements Parts

At this point of writing AMAZON seems to be carrying a large inventory of Tonneau covers replacement corners, lock kits and cover lift supports, and many others.

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